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Our Services

Daily Cleaning

It is vitally important, not just for you and your staff, but also for the image it projects to your visitors that you have a clean and dust free office environment. It is equally important to keep on top of such 'chores'.

We discuss with you the best requirements for you and your office. We tailor our daily cleaning to ensuring that all your needs are met and more. Inside and out and sterilized to make sure there is no possible contamination or germs breeding.

Weekly Cleaning

Our weekly cleaning and maintenance services are designed to cater for those busy, but tidy offices and buildings, where the mess and dirt levels are low. We can of course, as with all our services, adapt the specification to the areas that you want covered, ensuring that the reduced frequency does not mean reduced quality.

Our reliable and friendly staff will ensure that your working environment is clean and fresh. We can of course include optional extras within your needs including cleaning of carpets and windows. All cleans do, however include standard items such as cleaning of the taps and chrome/brass, along with de-scaling of all toilet furniture, hoovering of carpets and cleaning of food areas.

Monthly Cleaning

If a daily or weekly clean is too frequent, we can also do less frequent cleans, be they either monthly or even less often than that.

We will work with you to fully understand your needs and then to provide you with a solution. We will carefully go through all the options open to you and highlight the best possible choice for you.

Window Cleaning

As to be expected, we offer a full window cleaning service for the inside and the outside windows. Using poles that extend, our water fed cleaning method ensures that we are able to deal with most offices and industrial unit windows.

Due to the nature of the method not only is it safe and crucially unobtrusive, but highly effective, leaving a streak free and sharp finish. We also provide cherry pickers for the harder to reach or more complicated requirements.

Our use of carefully chosen products and quality equipment mean that, when combined with reliable and efficient staff, you can be confident that your windows will look sparkling. We also offer a lime scale and mark removal service.

Carpet Cleaning

We offer a complete carpet cleaning service, covering all types of carpets and dealing with all types of stains. Using of some of the finest products and highly effective machines to provide a thorough, reliable and cost efficient way of cleaning and refreshing your carpets.

So, if its a spring clean or just a rejuvenation of an aged carpet we can help. All our staff are fully trained and supremely qualified their excellent knowledge and helpful manner ensure that your provided the best service possible.

Building Site Cleaning

You may have just had an extension to your office, or a posh new refurbishment, either way it is highly likely that at the moment, everything is looking far from new and 'posh'. Although the builders may have at last left, they tend to leave their 'mark' in more than one sense of the word.

We can help, our cleaners will leave no stone (or desk) unturned in their obsessive drive for cleanliness and quality. Floors, walls, skirting boards and even behind radiators. We will de scale not only taps but also loo's and the pipes that surround the toilets. All kitchen furniture is cleaned inside and out and sterilized to make sure there is no possible contamination or germs breeding.

New Occupancy

Moving into your new office is stressful enough, so you don't need additional stress caused by the state the previous occupiers left it in.

Our experts will thoroughly transform your new office, going through every nook and cranny to ensure that the last users leave no unexpected surprises. We can even go through and replace/fill up the light bulbs, soap and toilet roll holders and of course clean the carpets.

We can do this at short notice or as part of a phased move and relocation. Once finished, your working environment should be clean enough to, well work in! We can, as with all our services, accommodate emergency and out of hours requirements.


It happens to everyone; however that does not make it any less annoying when spillages do occur, however we have the solution. Whether it is your carpet, chair, and leather furniture so long as we know what it is we will let you know what we can do about it.

Our techniques have been honed and perfected over many years and with experience from many diverse and differing industries including the car and boat cleaning industries.

The result? A greater knowledge of how to efficiently and effectively remove most stains.

As most spillages are at the most inopportune moments and their rectification is usually urgent, we operate an emergency service that will respond that day (we will even attend at weekends and Bank Holidays!)

Pub Cleaning

It was something that we noticed very quickly, that there was a lack of a really good cleaning company that can properly and effectively clean the 'public' areas of the bar and restaurant.

So, we created a special division that deals with the unique requirements that pubs have. Our services concentrate on the lavatories for instance, making sure that they are cleaned and disinfected and that the lingering odours that are often present in particularly older.

Specialist Cleaning

Whatever your requirements, whatever your needs we can accommodate you. It is often the case, that a one off special cleaning requirement occurs and that it is difficult to deal with.

We can deal with it, from cleaning your gutters polishing chrome, brass and other naturally bright metal work.